Ghosting by Remote was commissioned by Octopus Collective as part of their FONAir radio broadcast project and supported by Arts Council England. Ghosting by Remote is a site-specific work that explores sonic memory and temporality in relation to the sound environments of the house and municipal park that are home to Octopus Collective in Barrow-in-Furness. It was constructed over 36 hours of intensive on-site field recording, audio manipulation, improvisation and composition, and performed, mixed and broadcast live on-air for listening on headphones.

The performance attempts to ‘haunt’ the soundscape of the listener with a ‘sonic ghosting’ conjured up by the artist. A ‘ghosting’ that fractures the present soundscape with the sonic memories and auditory phantoms of the spaces now home to Octopus. The work utilises live radio broadcast as tool for this ‘ghosting’, exploiting its nature as sound carried on sound, temporally and spacially unmoored yet capable of occupying multiple spaces and listening planes simultaneously.

Preparing for the live performance broadcast

Recording source material in the park

Grading, sorting and editing the field recordings