Passages of Time is a digital dance piece by deaf concept artist and choreographer Cisato Minamimura that takes its inspiration from classical and abstract musical instrumentation; experienced from her wholly original deaf perspective alongside her professional dance ensemble: Kristina Alleyne, Nathan Goodman and Patricia Zafra.

With live and recorded composition by Danny Bright drawn from the sounds that the dancers make in this beautiful deconsecrated space @TheSpireArts. Production design and lighting from Jon Armstrong and animation from Dave Packer and film from Fiona Ring and Production by Cusp Inc, Chisato shares smatterings of her personal narrative from childhood to the present day and vibrations to rock your foundations.

The sound design and composition for the piece involved live processing/manipulation of the dancer’s sounds, live Foley and sound effects generation, and performed abstract soundscapes generated from instruments, electronics, rehearsal recordings and samplescapes. The realisation of these sounds in the space also employed a combination of sonic diffusion and tactile transducers to enhance the transmission of sound through vibration.

Choreography & concept: Chisato Minamimura
Production: Sarah Pickthall
Dancers: Kristina Alleyne, Nathan Goodman and Patricia Zafra
Sound, vibration & composition: Danny Bright
Production design & lighting: Jon Armstrong
Film: Fiona Ring
Animation: Dave Packer

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Photo by Mark Pickthall
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Photo by Mark Pickthall

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An overview of the live sound & composition station.
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Foley materials and MIDI controllers.