Hot Work explores the cultural, social and sonic legacies/phantoms of the British steel industry and its decline. A multimedia, multi-speaker sound installation and performance intervention, it conjures up the din, fire and sparks of Hot Work.

Hot Work premiered 1st September 2013. The installation soundscape will be released on a limited run of audio cassettes (50 hand numbered copies, free digital download) with reso-printed artwork by Dhaleen Devenish. The cassette and a digital download version is available via Bandcamp, soon to be accompanied by a limited number of signed, numbered A3 prints of the artwork.

Listen to the soundscape work:

Audio manipulation, soundscapes and sonic phantoms by:
Danny Bright
Artwork by:
Dhaleen Devenish

Hot Work live performance intervention

Devised, written and composed by:
Danny Bright
Performed by:

Danny Bright
Tom Bush
Ellen Southern
Chloe Turpin

Hot Work Tapes
Hot Work limited edition cassettes on the DIY production line (here featuring the B-side: Subterranean Sound Tunnel #1)

Hot Work Premiere 1
Dual-screen video running just prior to opening the installation at the premiere, Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, Creativity Zone, University of Sussex

Hot Work Rehearsals 1
The score laid out during rehearsals with Tom Bush, Ellen Southern and Chloé Turpin

Hot Work Rehearsals 2
My station during rehearsals