Ghosting Ruin is a multi-channel, multi-speaker electro-acoustic soundscape composition. Originally presented in 5.1 surround as a concert tape performance at the WFAE World Soundscape Conference - the global composition: Conference on Sound, Media and the Environment (July 25-28, 2012), Hochschule Darmstadt, Dieburg, Germany. The work is one in a series of ‘sonic ghosting’ projects and compositions and explores the multiple sonic temporalities of a number of ruined and disused industrial sites in northern England, including Tinsley Freight Marshalling Yard, South Yorkshire and Pleasley Colliery, Derbyshire. An accompanying paper was published as part of the conference proceedings and is available via to download.

Ghosting Ruin was included in the Sound & the Urban Environment exhibition at ONCA, Brighton, May/June 2015.

Ghosting Ruin is a sound work that explores the multiple sonic temporalities and auditory 'heritage' of 'industrial ruins'. As once 'noisy' industrial sites descend into ruin, driven by western deindustrialisation, their contribution to the global soundscape changes too. Overgrown and empty, their previous sonic dominance over their surroundings has faded, and with it their auditory authority, as they merge into the 'natural' soundscapes that remain. Ghosting Ruin explores the sonic histories and heritages of these sites by using warped and distorted elements of their ruined soundscape to fracture the present with ghosts and hauntings of their sonic past. The composition seeks to work in an interdisciplinary manner with concepts emerging in Geography, such as, the relationship between memory and ‘industrial ruin’, from a compositional and sonic perspective. Using audio source material and field recordings made during site visits, audio manipulation, multi-speaker spacialisation and elements of broken and distorted musical instrumentation, the work creates a composition that questions the traditional temporality of the global soundscape. Instead, it presents one where the ghosts of industrial noise, workers, places and spaces haunt the soundscape of the present.

Maintenance Bay

Fire Damage

Ples Gates