Ghosting WIlderness: Threshold Shift is a ‘sonic ghosting’ work based on an experience in an area of ‘old growth’ forest in Vermont State, USA in 2003. It is an exploration of and an attempt to reconfigure or conjure up that sound environment, my memory of it, and the layers of sonic memory that 'haunted' the space. A conceptual/aural threshold shift occurred during the experience, the remembering and the compositional process - a creeping awareness that each layer of sonic memory fractured the present of the experience, or memory of the experience, breaking any notion of a cohesive sonic timeline. Instead, it creates a plurality where each could exist at the same time, or none may exist at all.

You can listen to the stereo version via SoundCloud

In June 2014 a new 8 channel re-spatialisation of the work was premiered at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival.