Chalk Pit is a ‘sonic ghosting’ work based on a series of experiences in ruined and disused post industrial spaces in Sussex, England. These post industrial sites were originally part of the Sussex chalk industry that forms a key part of the local industrial, geological, social and sonic heritage.

The soundscape was constructed from fractured, warped, processed and manipulated field recordings made on site, and presented on continuous loop in two channel format at a level where it merged with the natural soundscape of the installation site in Falmer, Sussex. This was accompanied by an arrangement of chalk gleaned from local sites (including those where recordings were made) and a text/image/map assemblage. During the installation, which ran for seven hours, a twenty minute improvised performance occurred alongside and in response to the installation and natural soundscape. This involved additional electronic samplescapes, guitar, voice, and processed amplified bowed chalk/stone.

Chalk Pit Performance 1
Performing at WTF alongside the installation

Chalk Pit Bowing Stone
Bowing the chalk at WTF

Chalk Pit Stones
The installation chalk pieces

ChalkPit Wire
One of the post industrial sites visited, recorded and ghosted in the work

Chalk Pit A 2
Large Sussex chalk pit

Chalk Pit B1
Another site visited and recorded as part of the project

Chalk Pit Saw
Rusty detritus at one of the Sussex sites