Arc is a one-man opera for part-improvised electronics, samples, tape, guitar textures, soundscapes, voice, and an automaton’s head. It is currently being developed into a full-length work and has previously been presented as a scratch performance and work-in-progress at The Others, London.

Arc - Danny Bright - live work-in-progress performance at Testing Ground from Danny Bright on Vimeo.

A work-in-progress performance of 'Arc' by Danny Bright at Testing Ground, The Others, London, curated by Ellen Southern.


As a member of a chorus of angels singing Frank Sinatra in a giant animatronic theme park, ‘the head’ was destined for great things. Instead, it found itself cast aside and forgotten in the underbelly of a giant steel works – the kind of place that its promised home, Sheffield’s Meadowhall, was supposed to wipe from local memory. Now ‘the head’ is trying to make sense of its world, existence, voice…