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Danny Bright is a sound designer, composer, recordist, and sonic manipulator working across the fields of music, performance, installation, theatre and media. He has lived, studied and worked in Sheffield, England; Burlington, Vermont, USA; and Brighton and Hove, England where he is currently based. His practice explores the boundaries between sound/music/noise and space/place/memory; he is currently developing multi-modal compositional, performance, critical and installation work investigating sonic temporalities and auditory ‘ghostings’. Danny performs on guitar, samplescapes, tape, text/voice, and electronics as an ensemble member/leader, solo artist and free improviser. He also works as a sound designer and composer for internationally recognised arts, theatre and media companies, and as a producer, recordist, sound technologist and engineer.

Danny’s work has appeared on Channel 4, at the Hatton Gallery, Brighton Digital Festival, Victoria & Albert Museum, Prague Quadrennial, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, MAGNA Science Adventure Centre, World Soundscape Conference, Summerhall Edinburgh, British Science Festival, Manchester, Newcastle & Brighton Science Festivals, Edinburgh, Bedford & Brighton Fringe Festivals, and throughout the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA. Commissions and supporting organisations include: Catalyst Arts, Arts Council England & Heritage Lottery Fund, Dept. for Culture, Media and Sport, New Music Players, Octopus Collective, MAGNA Trust, and the Arts and Humanities Research Council as funder of his ongoing doctoral research in Music at the University of Sussex.

Current and recent projects include:
Social Haunting Project
Two new sound works, ‘Thrumming Halls’ and ‘Underdrift’, commissioned for AHRC funded project ‘Working with Social Haunting: Past- and Present-making in Two Communities of Value’ based at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Education and Social Research Institute

Christmas Gothic
Sound design and original music for Christmas Gothic by Dyad Productions

Branch Lines, a new work for the New Music Players chamber ensemble.

Through the eye of the hidden skull, for the Utopia project by Cities and Memory

Subterranean Sound Tunnel, and the designs/scores for Dalloway and Woyzeck are included in the SBTD exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum and PQ2015. On until January 2016.

Maintenance Bay
Ghosting Ruin was included in the Sound & the Urban Environment exhibition at ONCA, Brighton, May/June 2015

Richard III Live
VT Sound design and original composition for Channel 4’s Richard III programmes by Darlow Smithson Productions, March 2015

New experimental guitarscapes performance for
//NEW SPACE// at The Black Dove, Brighton, February 2015
(listen to the live recording above)

DBHattonImage v3
Ghosting the Periphery - a new Catalyst Arts Commission for the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 7-28th January 2015

Live performance of ‘Chalk Pit Recomposed’ for Transmute at Phoenix Brighton as part of Brighton Digital Festival 2014

Live performance of a ‘Sonic Ghosting’ of Nijmegen as part of the launch night for Wesley Goatley’s (Lumbers) Outside Sounds project at Extrapool, Nijmegen. There was also a duo performance with Wesley of improvised radio soundscapes featuring John Cage’s ‘Radio Music’ (1956), as well as a talk by Magz Hall.

Chalk Pit, a new installation and accompanying live performance at WTF Arts Festival 2014

A new album of ‘Sonic Ghosting’ works is now available on limited edition CD (with artwork by Dhaleen Devenish, printed by
Ditto Press) and digital download via Bandcamp or the Store link above.

A new 8 channel version of Ghosting Wilderness: Threshold Shift premiered at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2014 in the 3D specialisation lab.